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Social Strategy

Every dealership has a unique audience

Regardless of the similarity of the product you offer, all dealers have a unique audience. Car Dorx makes sure that all photography, messaging, promotions and daily content fit that audience. Car Dorx creates content that encapsulates the brand you carry and the culture you create locally in-store. Every client has a unique footprint which deserves a tailored plan-of-action.

Reputation Management

Is your dealership part of the conversation online?

People are talking online about your dealership whether you are a part of the conversation or not. We make your dealership an active part of these conversations across the web ensuring happy customers are thanked, angry customers receive resolution and your customers see it all through a glass wall. At the end of the week, your team gets a hand-drafted report of all the review activity from the past week, keeping you and your managers in the know.

Digital Advertising

Beautiful content is great. But without structured ad campaigns, your message may never be seen.

Beautiful content is great, but without structured ad campaigns your message may never be seen at all. Car Dorx social ads are targeted to your local PMA zip codes to ensure that your ad budget is spent engaging people who can actually walk in your door. From top of funnel to bottom, we're using the latest and greatest tools and techniques to foster relationships at all stages.

24/7 Consulting

Your success is our success. Reach us anytime!

Your success is our success. That's why we make ourselves available whenever you need help. We pride ourselves on responding to client inquiries within 10 minutes of initial contact - even if that just means setting the expectation on when to receive an answer or result. We're BIG on over-communicating and ensuring everyone is in the loop.

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